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Kenny Chesney
"I grew up in a very small town, went to a small elementary, then high school - and got to play football as a starter. I skinny dipped and fished in a lake, had my heart broken by my high school girlfriend. I`ve lived like a lot of guys listening to my music live? And I think that`s why people buy my records, because they can relate to the guy singing those songs: They feel like the songs are about their lives, because they`re about my life - and I`m not all that different from them, even now."

Kenny Chesney, the pride of Luttrell, Tennessee, is actually quite a bit different. With back-to-back double platinum records for Everywhere We Go and Greatest Hits, multiple week chart-toppers and career definers with "I Lost It," "How Forever Feels," "Don`t Happen Twice," "She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy" and "Fall In Love," the launch of his first true major headlining tour, he`s the Everyguy who proves that dreams can come true.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems finds Kenny Chesney again holding a mirror up to himself -- and all the folks back where he comes from. If the 12 songs contained herein are a little older, a little wiser, a little more aware, they still capture the unbridled joy being young, life lived for the pure feeling of it and the unburnished emotions of people who prefer to experience rather than analyze what`s happening to them.

From the opening notes of "Young," a song that celebrates the thrill of all the things you can do before you know what you can`t -- tempered by the acceptance that comes with the wisdom of being grown, No Shoes is a record that looks at the phases of youth coming into their own. Whether it`s the haunted yearning of the Conway-esque "I Remember," the tortured understanding of Bruce Springsteen`s conflict of faithlessness and jagged hearts "One Step Up," the make-it-happen-in-spite-of-those-who-say-you-can`t feel-good anthem "Big Star" or the tropicali attitude adjustment that informs the title track, Chesney understands the phases and stages of growing up, the thrill of football and falling in love, the pain of loss and regrets.

"I think people realize that. I`m not so different from them, they hear it in the songs -- and I`m like their buddy. You know, it`s not a bad way to make friends."

For Kenny Chesney, of the nearly 8 million albums sold, the soon-to-be arena-sized headliner, the inevitable chart-climber, that`s all cake. For him, it`s about the guy in the baseball hat and the girl that guy thinks is pretty. Real life the double platinum boy, who finds his solace in the ocean, realizes doesn`t always show up with the gilded edges and profound pronouncements -- you gotta find the truth as it rolls by with tan lines, an easy smile and a twinkle in its eye. And you know, so far, that`s worked just fine.
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Title: Ain't Back Yet
Album: Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D (soundtrack)
Label: Sony Entertainment
Title: American Kids
Album: The Big Revival
Title: Come Over
Album: Welcome to the Fishbowl
Title: Down The Road
Album: Lucky Old Sun
Label: Blue Chair Records, LLC / BNA Records
Title: Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
Album: Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
Label: Blue Chair Records, LLC / BNA Records
Title: Live a Little
Album: Hemingway's Whiskey
Title: Out Last Night
Album: Greatest Hits II
Title: Pirate Flag
Album: Life On a Rock
Title: Reality
Album: Hemingway's Whiskey
Title: Somewhere With You
Album: Hemingway's Whiskey
Title: The Boys of Fall
Album: Hemingway's Whiskey
Title: Til It's Gone
Album: Single
Title: When I See This Bar
Album: Single Release
Title: You and Tequila
Album: Hemingway's Whiskey
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