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Wake Up With The Wolf & Sammy Stone
Sammy Stone
Weekday Morning Show 5:30am - 9am

"Wake Up With The Wolf" and Sammy Stone! Sammy wakes up "Wolf country" and gets you movin' in the mornin' with the hottest country music, entertainment and lots of prizes and giveaways you won't find anywhere else! Your "live" and "local" morning show! Listen weekday mornings 5:30am - 9am and wake up with the Wolf! Awoooooo!!!

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The Wolf at Work
Carrie Leigh
Middays 10a - 3pm

Spend your workday with the Wolf and Carrie Leigh! And watch the workday go faster! Let Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chensey, George Strait and more help you kick those work time blues..! Howl with the Wolf at work! listen on-line in your cubical or at home. At work with the Wolf!

Born and bread right here in Erie, Pa! (she was the Fairview Tiger)!

Where did you go to School?
Fairview High school and Gannon University

My daddy!

One thing you could not survive without?

In High school you were voted:
Most likely to dislocate your shoulder while cheerleading...that happened but kidding...we didn't have awards!

When you were younger you got in trouble for?
So many to choose from...but the biggest one was sneaking around with boys! And hiding my smokes in a baby doll cradle!

What is your favorite song on 93.9 The Wolf?
Anything Luke Bryan...he makes my speakers go boom boom!

Name three things you can always find in your fridge?
Skim Milk, Fresh produce and yogurt.

Favorite food:

Most embarrassing moment:
Having to wear a special bracelet when having my second daughter cause they considered me a fall risk, my husband would have to walk behind me when ever I moved around.
Afternoons howl!
Chuck the Promo Guy
Weekday Afternoons 3pm - 7pm

Chuck The Promo Guy has been living in Erie for nearly nine years... LP baby! Catch him all over for The Wolf at live events! "Living large" in Wolf Country on small town wages!

He enjoys movies, playing and watching sports and trying to make sense of his dog "Clubber". Howling with Chuck in Afternoons on the Wolf!

Get the latest Wolf news with Chuck's Wolf Word on the Street here

  • Hometown: Cleveland, OH
  • Currently Reside: Lawrence Park
  • Where did you go to school? High School - Notre Dame Cathedral Latin- John  Carroll University
  • Hero: There's two my parents and if it's superhero,  I've always be partial to The Flash.
  • One thing you could not survive  without? My Xbox 360, I'm a sleep is overrated.
  • In high school you were  voted: I was actually a  multiple award winner.  Best  dressed, Best dancer (for realizes) and runner up for best  hair.
  • When you were younger you got in trouble  for:  Everything!
  • What is your favorite song on 93.9 The  Wolf? Anything George  Strait, that dude is the king!
  • Name three things you can always find in your  refrigerator:  Ketchup, Burrito shells and some fuzzy  green growth.
  • Favorite food: Any type of pasta
  • Most embarrassing moment: To Be Determined!

The Big Time with Whitney Allen
Whitney Allen
Weekday Evenings 7pm - 12am

Whitney knew she wanted to be in radio when she was 5 years old, that dream was almost sidetracked by a longing to pursue veterinary medicine but she discovered that the whole "math, biology thing was not in my genetic make-up--but talking was".

When not working she loves hiking, talking, napping, Mexico, Survivor and hanging out with her dogs Mattie and Flue, and her too many cats. Oh, and she promises she'll never sound like a girl who wants to steal your boyfriend. She already has one of those. She hangs out with him a lot too.

Contact Whitney Big Time Hotline 1 (877) 4-whitney (877) 494-4863

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