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July 17, 2012
Wakin' Up With the Wolf and Sammy Stone!
Try to stay cool! And PLEASE watch out for pets locked hot cars. I was out the other day and saw a poor dog stuck in a car with the window barely cracked. NOT GOOD! Poor fuzzies!

We'll be back tomorrow morning for more Roar on the Shore info! Can you believe it all kicks off on Thursday?

We'll have more tickets to the Redneck Block Party at the Mound Grove on August 5th. You can win yours at 7:30. It's all day fun with Next of Kin, Refuge, and many more.

And we'll have your Way Too Early Trivia, too! Win tickets the Uht to catch some Seawolves baseball.

Find a fan and some A/C and keep cool!
Posted by SS at 12:05 PM
Wakin' Up With the Wolf and Sammy Stone!
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