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May 14, 2012
Wakin' Up With the Wolf and Sammy Stone!
Oh come on...there's no use in whining about it! Let's just get this Monday done and over with. (I've done my fair share of whining today so this is really more of a pep talk for my benefit!)

We'll be back for the Tuesday show and more qualiflying! It's the last week to get qualiflied for our CMA Flyaway in May. 7:30 am is your time to call in.

We'll have your Way Too Early Trivia at 6:05. (This morning we learned that 2% of us put honey in our coffee. me. Ew. How about you?) We've got your Seawolves tickets.

And according to a new study women spend more time on their looks but men spend more time on ___________________. What could it be? We'll give ya the answer!

Oh...and Gail will check in...One Minute Inside a Womans Head at 7:05.
Posted by SS at 9:05 AM
Wakin' Up With the Wolf and Sammy Stone!
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