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February 23, 2012
Wakin' Up With the Wolf and Sammy Stone!
The weekend is almost here!!! One more can do it! Just one more day...

Tomorrow we'll be screaming TGIF when we crawl out of bed...

So, what percentage of women do you think actually feel MORE attractive when they're NOT wearing makeup? It's safe to say, I am NOT one of these women...I don't leave the house without at least some war paint. I don't want to scare the small children I come into contact with...

We'll have the final pair of tickets to SafeNet's 6th Annual Chill-E Cookoff, which is going on this Sunday at the Brewerie.

Make sure you're howlin'!!!
Posted by SS at 10:30 AM
Wakin' Up With the Wolf and Sammy Stone!
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