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January 20, 2009
Thanks for Howlin'
So, I'm sitting here feezing whether it's indoors or outdoors, I'm getting really sick of this weather. Good news! Things will warm up June 6th when Kenny Chesney's Sun City Carnival Tour stops at Heinz Feild in Pittsburgh. Keep Howlin' for all the details.

You might think all the British government has a lot going on right now... with the global financial crisis, the constant threat of terrorism and the country's involvement in the war in Iraq.

Fortunately, they still had time to commisission a survey about the most ANNOYING inventions ever created.

#5.) Alarm Clock

#4.) Cell Phone

#3.) Video Games Consoles

#2.) 24-hour Sports Channels

#1.) Karaoke Machine

I agree with number one because I have never had the guts to get on stage.
Posted by Chuck The Promo Guy at 3:42 PM
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