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Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone is settling into 2019! It’s a tough road trying to get back into the swing of things but we’ve got so much going on!


You can win your way in to catch your Erie Otters with our Google Olympics. We do that just after 6a every morning when you Wake up with the Wolf.


We’ve got our 2nd Date Update, asking that question is love in the air. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we go into our 2nd Date Update archives with our 2nd Date Rewind. We revisit some of our most memorable 2nd Date Updates. And as always, we want to know which team you are on! Feel free to call or text into the show and let us know where you stand. Our number is 814.461.0939.


We ask Alexa every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:15a. We ask her something and await the snark that only Alexa can bring to the show.


And it’s a tradition on Tuesday’s…we go One Minute Inside a Woman’s Head.


We want to start your workday up on the right paw! Wake up with us!